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3 Expert (and Yet Surprisingly Simple) Ways to Make Your Listing Feel Luxe

In today's market where sellers are more scarce and buyers are becoming more finicky, it is more important than ever to ensure that every listing matches the home's luxe price point. Read below for 3 ways to elevate the interior of any listing.

Tip #1: Dress Every Window in Designer Treatments

If possible, dress every window in designer treatments. Designer window treatments can add luxury to any room. If you want the rooms to feel light and easy, clean airy lines are key. Consider Belgian linen known for breathability and softness. Consider floor length panels in luxurious textures and fabrics.

If budget does not allow for designer treatments, leave windows bare to showcase the outdoors -- especially when backyard views are serene and landscaped.

Tip #2: Style Each Forgotten Space Thoughtfully

Stage the forgotten spaces of the home (laundry rooms, powder rooms and breakfast nooks, etc.). By adding small touches to these areas, it gives them purpose. It can also make a home feel more grand since these "extra" rooms take on more meaning, whereas they may have been overlooked before. Adding staging touches to these areas can also make them feel more spacious and inviting. Laundry rooms look useful with towels, and baskets. Powder rooms appear fresh and clean with linens, greenery and soaps. Breakfast nooks become cozy with pillows.

Tip #3: Pick Pieces with Perceived Visual Weight

Furnishings with visual weight appear more luxurious and concrete. Consider pieces made of wood, metal or stone to convey a sense of solidity and grounded-ness worthy of a higher price point.

For example, when determining the right type of coffee table, you’ll need to decide on whether the room needs to appear larger or more anchored. Do you need the balance that a solid surface provides, or just the surface volume of a glass table? Understanding how visual weight impacts a space will help you make the right decision to create beautiful rooms that sell.

Fluff + Puff Home Staging can help you make all these choices. Whether it is what pieces to keep or move out for occupied homes, or which pieces to bring in for vacant stages -- our staging team of experts will help to provide the right furniture choices to showcase your property and ensure high-end, luxury appeal.

Have a question about staging your luxe home (inside and out)? Ask us in the comments below!



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