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5 Resources Used by a Successful Realtor

 What is the secret to a successful realtor? Is it a get-successful-quick scheme that they bought online or is it years and years of time and investment? Is it a realtor with a big team? Or is it a realtor who hits the pavement all alone, working and grinding each day? 

The answer could be all of the above. But the true answer is the realtor who is the most successful is the one who has power over the appearance of all their listings – and by that we mean those who have partnerships with design people who can transform any listing into a desirable, marketable, and lucrative property so that buyers fall in love and want to offer over asking price. 

Here are a few tips about who you should have on speed-dial when you have a listing that needs a little extra love. These key partnerships can position you as a realtor with some of the most sought-after listings, and elevate your reputation in the high-end market.

Resource #1: Outsource Organization

Step 1: Find a home organizer. Too much stuff is a turn-off for buyers. Finding a home organizer who you can trust and who can come in and work fast, is key. A home organizer will swoop in, remove the clutter, and help the listing timeline flow smoothly. Using a home organizer also means that YOU the realtor, no longer has to be the bad guy regarding decluttering. (wink, wink)

Resource #2: Stage Strategically

Step 2: Partner with a home stager. A home stager can elevate any listing from ho-hum to wow. The stager can take a spare room and convert it to a full bedroom to add value. A stager can transform a dingy basement into a welcoming family room, game room or office adding square footage and vision.  A professional home stager will make that listing look perfect just prior to when the photographer or videographer arrives to create the best images possible. Most importantly, staging gives the realtor power over the appearance of the  listing -- because the realtor’s reputation is on the line every time a home is posted on MLS.

Resource #3: Design with Desirability

Step 3: Bring in a color consultant. Many potential home buyers can't see past ugly wall colors. Bringing in a color consultant to select new, fresh wall paint in the primary living areas and bedrooms can help show the potential of the space. Find a color consultant with whom you can partner to provide consultations and offer this tool to your sellers. This strategy is just another way that you as a realtor can help sell dated listings.

Resource #4: Build Beautifully

Step 4: Find a handyman or local builder who can make small repairs or make small upgrades with impact. Let's face it. Crumbling tiles or breaking drywall can bring down showings. Having a handyman who can make repairs and small upgrades will ensure that the buyers look past the home's faults and focus on the positive attributes.

Resource #5: Photograph Perfectly

Recent studies show that more than 90 percent of home buyers find their listings online. AND those buyers spend a mere 3-4 seconds looking at each listing. Great photography and perfect staging come together to create the perfect images online. Make sure to find a photographer who will work with you to provide top quality images with a quick turn-around. Your photo gallery is one area where you don’t want to skimp since it may be the only chance the seller gets to showcase the space to potential buyers. 

In conclusion, realtors are busy finding listings, meeting with sellers, working at open houses and marketing their properties. They do not have time for organizing, styling and outfitting those listings on top of everything else on their plate. Strategic partnerships are the solution for turnkey sales.

Most importantly, successful realtors understand that every listing represents them. Realtors who want to be perceived as high-end luxury or representing top quality properties, are partnering with a design team who can quickly and effectively turn their listings into welcoming homes that appeal to the most buyers -- and ultimately, make them fall in love.

If you're ready for a great partnership with a home stager who can really make those properties shine, we would be honored to work alongside you.

Call or text me 978-500-5588 and let's chat about your upcoming listings!



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